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Welcome to my webpage! Please know that your visit is appreciated!

This location is the central collection point for information about my books and ongoing projects. As I continue to build this website and share more information, I hope you will accompany me on a journey of discovery and revelation into some of the greatest enigmas and mysteries that have puzzled mankind. One of my goals is to encourage and supply resources to help YOU undertake your own paranormal investigations. In the future, you will find helpful documents, forms, and links on this webpage. Otherwise, I extend my "thank you" for your visit. Your participation and patronage are greatly appreciated.

This web page is an ongoing enterprise, or "a work in progress," and it will continue to grow. Please periodically revisit to keep updated. I would suggest joining the paranormal mailing list for timely updates. I will not sell, abuse, or spam your email address.

J.P. Akin

"Veni computat sumptus est"


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