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Paranormal Bigfoot?

23 September 2020

I've entitled this blog post, "Paranormal Bigfoot?" However, I would like the reader to ponder this thought and question, "What is normal?" 
Paranormal is defined as, "phenomena...that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding."

Seriously, what do we consider normalcy in our personal lives? Researchers have to establish a benchmark for "normalcy," to decide if the entire concept of a living relic hominid is "paranormal?" I considered this question earlier in the afternoon and couldn't define a "normalcy" benchmark for this entity.

Some believe that Bigfoot is a living relic hominid, others believe Sasquatch is a spiritual entity or an inter-dimensional being. In the end, all of these philosophical camps may be right to a degree. The honest researcher has to admit that each of these beliefs intertwine and Bigfoot's giant feet are set firmly in-between every seekers' perceptions of this creature.

In my own experience, I know that these creatures are material (e.g. they leave footprints), smell awful, and are reportedly visible. I recently observed that these hairy entities reappear in the same geographic locales. In addition, these same hairy creatures have an uncanny ability to disappear from these locales with ease. In short, Bigfoot displays both "normal" and "paranormal" abilities. Witnesses have a definite psychic or mental distress from encountering these creatures. In some cases, people pursue the mystery for years. Conversely, dedicated, lifelong hunters vow to never enter the woods or wilderness again (after one encounter with a Sasquatch). In any event, Bigfoot leaves a person shaken and irresolute about what constitutes "normal," in their post-encounter lives.

I will share in my (ongoing) research for my next books, I've examined some of these questions. I am amazed at my findings. It was a true commonality of many disparate data markers. As I am correlating this information, I am left to ponder exactly the nature of this creature and how it interacts and interrelates with or within our world. Is Bigfoot really "beyond normal" or is Bigfoot really the actual "normal?"

In closing, if Bigfoot is not "paranormal," is Bigfoot a "normal" for our planet?

I won't take the time to fully introduce this concept. However, I am considering (in this post) what we (as researchers) believe is "paranormal" versus "normal." It is an interesting "thought project" for someone who is seeking the truth of a thing. What comprises the normality or abnormality of the creature that we call "Bigfoot?"

I haven't an answer to my own question.


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