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Series 1: "Bigfooting" - 10 questions to consider before joining a Bigfoot Research Organization

Series 1: "Bigfooting"  - A series of articles (and lists) designed to protect and guide a person new to "Bigfooting," and/or research into the subject area.

Patriot Day (U.S.A.) - 11 September 2020

I thought I would share this handy list of questions to ask oneself before joining any Bigfoot/Sasquatch "research" organization. The list enumerates some of the pitfalls of joining an organization and thereby, allowing one's freedom of expression to be suppressed. The new or seasoned researcher is encouraged to consider these questions and evaluate their own experiences and personal interactions, whilst questing for Bigfoot. I advise the reader to seek out free and positive research communities, avoiding those organizations (and individuals) who would suppress their freedom of expression and thought about the topic area.

10 Questions:

  1. Does the group allow you to freely discuss and inquire into alternative ideas or theories about Bigfoot?
  2. Does the group have a paramount leader who dictates what is and isn’t accepted by the group regarding the origin of Bigfoot?
  3. Does the group censure, castigate, ban, and/or ostracize members for having free thought or alternative opinions about the Bigfoot phenomenon?
  4. Does the group leadership often charge fees and/or seem to seek ways to make money at the expense and burden of group membership?
  5. Does the group encourage members to investigate according to an approved "narrative" and discourages the collection of eye-witness accounts and/or evidence that does not fall within the approved "narrative?"
  6. Does the group leadership bully or harass members who question the leadership’s theories and/or methodology for data and evidence collection?
  7. Does the group leadership wildly censure open discussion on any web site, discussion board, and/or social media?
  8. Does the group leadership try to "correct" or "spin" eyewitnesses’ sighting reports or associated statements to fit the group's accepted Bigfoot origin narrative and/or try to suppress evidence that does not fit into the group’s theory?
  9. Because of your participation in the group (if you are already a member), have you felt emotional distress or isolation due to mistreatment by the group’s leadership and/or other group members?
  10. Have you been harassed or castigated on any group’s website or discussion board for questioning organization leadership, other group members and/or have been “banned” for sharing an observation or experience that does not fit into the group’s preferred research narrative?

If you have answered YES to any of the questions above, it is likely you are considering joining a Bigfoot cult, rather than a scientific research organization.  It is suggested that you seek further afield and find a group that honors free expression and thought.

Note:  I use the word "narrative" because a “narrative” is just a story, whether true or false, and can be molded to fit into a group’s research worldview, regardless of any scientific proof. In short, a "narrative" can be a way to enforce an idea that may or may not be true. Often, in the early 21st century, we are bombarded with "narratives" about various and sundry topic areas that are literally propaganda.

Remember: No research group or known person has a Bigfoot body in their possession or any documented, tangible proof this creature exists, or exists in accordance with the popular, "socially accepted" theories prevalent among existing research organizations. A theory is not a law and those who treat theory as law are in scientific error. Rather, any of the divergent opinions about the origin of this creature are as valid as any other opinion. Please don't be fooled by a popular or "socially accepted" opinion on the origin of this creature. At this point, your ideas are as valid as a person who has been researching for 40 years. 


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