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Series 1: "Bigfooting" continued...

Series 1: "Bigfooting" continued... An expanded essay about the Paranormal Investigatory world.

09 September 2020

Imagine the paranormal investigatory world as a busy street. As you progress down the street, on your quest of exploration, you will encounter many side streets that look promising…

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Series 1: "Bigfooting" - 10 questions to consider before joining a Bigfoot Research Organization

Series 1: "Bigfooting"  - A series of articles (and lists) designed to protect and guide a person new to "Bigfooting," and/or research into the subject area.

Patriot Day (U.S.A.) - 11 September 2020

I thought I would share this handy list of questions to ask oneself before joining any Bigfoot…

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